Should police wear body camera's?

Cops caught on video.
Cops caught on video.
This past year police in California officers have worn body camera's and abuse and brutality has gone down 92% should Michigan Officers wear body cameras as well?
Beth Dalbey March 18, 2014 at 09:21 PM
Thanks for posting. It's an interesting question. Do you have any statistics on the cost to outfit police with body cameras? Where should the money come from?
David Justice March 21, 2014 at 06:46 AM
Hello Beth I personally think the money should come from profits from Medical Marijuana program as it does in California. In Colorado they projected profits from Medicinal Marijuana will be close to $500 Million dollars. Not only would that buy the cameras but also fix our roads. Medical Marijuana is not going anywhere but Michigan despite being the first state in the Midwest to allow it (Ok we voted it in 63%) But due to a over zealous Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette the state has not taken advantage of the program as did California, Washington and Colorado. Medicinal Marijuana is only the top of the ieceberg as Hemp can also eliminate the need to use trees for our newspapers, jeans etc. I commend Colorado's courage to move forward and listen to those that voted to allow these programs to flourish and HELP the state, and also not tie up the courts with ridiculous charges over minor possession also cutting down on the even more ridiculous forfeiture laws. As I read in the patch a few months ago in Wyandotte about 2 guys driving with a beer and 2 joints (no doubt idiots) but they forfeited his car and $700 he has on him as 4 miles north at the Detroit border in Detroit its 100% legal(minor possession) . What they seize in forfeitures is a fraction of what can be made with state Marijuana programs and also stopping people from obtaining police records which creates even more issues down the road, 80 year prohibition has been a epic failure yet certain cities continue to ignore the will of the people and our vote and make criminals out of law abiding citizens.


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