Adoption Event Focuses on Harder-to-Place Animals

Three Downriver-based animal rescue groups are joining forces in Wyandotte on Saturday.

Three Downriver-based animal rescue groups are coming together in Wyandotte this weekend to share the same heartfelt message.

Love Me Because…

I am older

I am overweight

No one taught me better

I have medical issues

I have attitude

I am special

I need you

The fourth annual "Love Me Because ..." pet adoption event is being held from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday at Hood's Do-It Best. It's geared specifically toward animals that are harder to adopt because of their unique traits or behaviors.

“Sometimes animals just have their own attitude,” Terra Muscat, co-chair of the event, said in a press release. “They all need someone who will love them because they are this way, who will accept them and cherish them just the way they are.”

Although some of the dogs and cats who will attend the event have health or behavioral issues and need special homes, many are healthy, friendly animals who have been overlooked for nothing more than a plain coat or a few more years under their collars, event organizer Sara Dean said.

"We all have our quirks, and so do animals," she said. "Unfortunately for the four pawed, when they are different they are often unwanted, as well. Their own individual distinctions and identities sometimes cause them to live in cages far longer than their smaller, younger, counterparts. Kittens, calicos, the very sweet natured, the well behaved, all get adopted first, leaving behind the overweight, the older animals, the Plain Jane’s and Tabby Tom’s; the ones with health problems, the animals with behavior problems, who really only have behavior issues because no one took the time to teach them better manners in the first place.”

Twenty animals were placed into new homes which also raised $5,300. (Check out our photo gallery from last year's event.)

The event is a collaboration between Shelter to Home and P.A.W.S. of Michigan.

In addition to adoptable animals, there also will be a bake sale, animal ID tags available for purchase, raffles and a silent auction, including Detroit Red Wings tickets and other prizes. Bids for the silent auction can be placed in store on online at www.facebook.com/LoveMeBecausePetAdoptionEvent.

“P.A.W.S. of Michigan is very grateful to Hood’s Do-It Best, as well as to the many, many other generous merchants and individuals who have donated wonderful gifts and prizes for our raffle and auction,” Muscat said. “Even if you aren’t ready to add a new furry member to your family, please stop by and join in the fun, or enjoy some of our incredible donated baked goods at our bake sale.  Every penny raised goes directly to help the animals.”

For more information, contact Dean at sara@pawsofmichigan.com or 269-599-9352.

Check out what past "Love Me Because ..." participants had to say about the special day:

“Year Three for the LMB event was all we had hoped for and more.  It is such a great feeling to know that so many difficult to adopt animals are now in loving homes because of this event!  Can't wait until next year! Thanks to Hoods do it Center ... an odd match made in heaven for our groups!”

-Rose Darin, Wyandotte Animal Pound volunteer and P.A.W.S. of Michigan member

“Words cannot express the overwhelming appreciation to everyone who contributed to the LMB event!  Volunteers, rescue groups, vendors, employees, local businesses, people near and far, friends and family supported the event to make it the success it was!  Placing some of the harder-to adopt animals in "furever" homes gives them a second chance at a happy, fulfilled, loving life and we are elated to be a part of making that happen!  Thank you again to all who participated!”

-Patti Christie, Hood's Do-It Best employee and P.A.W.S. of Michigan volunteer

“A very emotional & successful Love Me Because event has given me a extremely proud feeling, to be a part of something so amazing & wonderful. The local businesses, the supporters, the volunteers, the donors, family & friends, the employee's of Hood's Doit Best have all come together to save the lives of animals & support their well being. 20+ animals have been given the 2nd chance they have been dreaming of, a loving & forever home where they will be cherished as a member of the family. Thank you doesn't seem enough but please know you have touched my heart & the hearts of many people & animals. I can't wait to see what the dedicated group can do in 2013!!”

-Terra Muscat, P.A.W.S. of Michigan member and co-chair of the Love Me Because Committee

Donna Himor January 30, 2013 at 12:50 PM
I have 8 beautiful dogs ranging from 2kg up to 45kg. All adopted, all have unique personalities that I wouldn't change for anyone ir anything. Congratulations to all of you who adopt a unique furry critter who is no less beautiful, loving & deserving than any other. :) Donna
Sandy January 30, 2013 at 02:08 PM
I am touched with what the great support there is for this event and it grows bigger and better every year. Thanks so much to "Hoods Do It Best" for openeing their entire store and all of the support from every worker there. What a grand event this year will be! There, you will see some of the most precious orphan animals who are looking for that very best friend to adopt them into loving forever homes. Will you be that best friend? There will be so much to do with the Silent Auction and Raffles and be sure to purchase an ID tag for your pet. You will also be able to purchase some of the best baked and home made goodies ever made for yourself and also for your furry friends. There will be so much to choose from. Get there early to get all you want. Most importantly, we are praying that there will be much joy in area homes that night when there is a new furry friend adopted into it. It will be a truely awesome and wonderful day! Please be sure to thank those volunteers who have put their hearts into this event and work so hard every day caring for the shelter and rescue animals. I look forward to seeing each of you there ~ See you Saturday at noon♥
Sandy January 30, 2013 at 02:10 PM
Thank you Donna Himer for adopting your precious furry friends. It is a Blessing to know how those adopted animals always seem to be the best ones in life and bring such joy to ones heart and home.
Sandy January 30, 2013 at 03:41 PM
Just to let you know, the sweet cat Ronni, in the photo above, was a senior cat who was at the shelter for quite some time. He came in after his owner had died and family could not keep him. He was adopted from this event last year. He was a gem of a cat with an awesome personality and he has a loving forever home now all because of this grand event.
Jason Alley (Editor) January 30, 2013 at 03:46 PM
Thanks for the update, Sandy. What a great update, too. Hopefully this year you'll be able to share many more similar stories.
Jon Dufresne January 30, 2013 at 09:18 PM
On and on with the animal adoption propaganda...Wyandotte Patch is a shameless publicity vehicle for WAG, WAP, and other animal-oriented 'nonprofits'. Where are the front-page stories for organizations that help HUMAN BEINGS on Wyandotte Patch? I like dogs and cats just as much as everyone else, but in these hard economic times organizations that benefit HUMAN BEINGS should be given top-billing. Is it the editor's close association with these groups that gives them an inside track to front-page spots and story after story about animal groups? AOL take notice: your online rag is being hijacked so these animal 'do-gooders' get their name on the website every week and feel important. Story after story about animal adoptions, weekly columns dedicated to animals, and 'adoption stories' are serving an exclusive audience, thus limiting advertising opportunities for AOL (patch's parent company) and LOSING THEM MONEY. Curtail the animal stories and let's hear more about HUMAN BEINGS!
Cathy January 30, 2013 at 09:48 PM
Maybe Jon should start an organization to benefit Human Beings instead of complaining about it. I think the Wyandotte Patch covers what is going on around town whether its regarding humans or animals.
Jason Alley (Editor) January 30, 2013 at 11:05 PM
Thanks, Cathy. Some users like Jon tend to post comments as a mere distraction. If you click on a user's name, you'll see all of the comments ever posted by that person. Doing so in Jon's case is quite telling.
Sue Czarnecki January 31, 2013 at 06:05 PM
Cathy, You are so right. I am the co-founder of 25-year old WAG Animal Rescue (formerly Wyandotte Animal Group). Many, many times over the years at fundraisers I get comments like Jon's thrown at me. I am asked by nincompoops like Jon ... Why are you wasting your time helping animals when you should be helping needy children? My usual response is ... Yes, you are right. There are many kids in this country that need help, too. What are YOU doing to assist that cause? They almost always respond with a mumbled "harumph" & just walk away. Sounds like Mr. Dufresne to a "T".
Mary Gasiewski February 01, 2013 at 11:48 PM
Thanks, Wyandotte Patch for the nice story. This event is going to be so much fun! Can't wait for tomorrow:D
rdarin1 February 10, 2013 at 02:32 PM
Thanks for always giving the homeless animals a chance to be noticed in the Patch, Jason. I think you do a wonderful job advertising ALL the great events that go on in our area! From the 3rd Friday events, the farmer's market , the Art events, etc....the Patch is always there. Keep up the good work. And lets hope the man who commented previously will spend his time helping the HUMAN BEINGS he is so concerned about. Maybe then you can cover the events he organizes. I can't wait to see what they are!!


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