World War II Victory Day Rally Celebrates History

Saturday's event featured big band music, military artifacts and guests clad in era clothing.

Although World War II ended more than 65 years ago, Wyandotte celebrated Saturday night as if the guns had just gone silent.

Big band music, dancing, drinks and “news updates” about the end of the war were all part of a held at .

organized the event as part of its 2012 Heritage Event Series.

Attendees were encouraged to arrive in 1940s-style clothing, or military uniforms, and had to produce their “war bond” tickets upon entry to the rally.

James Dapogny’s Swing Band Heyday provided music, while drinks were served in areas set up as representations of the European and Pacific Theaters of the war. A European-style “pub” sold beer, while a tiki hut offered tropical drinks.

As the official end of the war was announced during the evening, the band quickly broke into the Star Spangled Banner. At the same time, newsboys immediately circulated among the crowd, shouting out “Extra! Extra!” and passing out newspapers.

Guests also had a chance to check out WWII-era military vehicles and artifacts, such as weapons and supplies used by the troops.

Historians and re-enactors supplied the items, with many coming from a group known as 101st Airborne Division Able Co. 506th Reenacting Unit.

A “Victory Garden” display inside the arena showed how those back on the home front made food for the war effort, as well how they rationed their own food during the years that so many men were in combat.

Natalie Rankine, director of and Wyandotte Museums volunteer, said those involved with this year's rally enjoy putting on such events and said there is a good chance it will be held again next year.

“The museums likes to host historical immersion events with period appropriate elements and re-enactors to make people feel as if they have stepped back in time,” Rankine said. “The World War II era was such an important time in American History and in the history of Wyandotte.”

For more photos from the event, .

Nancy Lange July 23, 2012 at 01:15 PM
Had a fantastic time...band was excellent..singing trio (Andrew sisters?).strolling accordian..victory cake....great work by museum staff and volunteers!!!! on the way home around 10:30...did anyone see the string of lights in the western sky about 7 or 8 small yellow/red lights...all in close straight line..were not moving...to close for planes,who have white lights and you can see them moving. I only had water at the rally....friend saw also.Thought "well they are finally making contact" cause that's what they looked like.
Mary Washko July 23, 2012 at 02:10 PM
I had such a wonderful time at the Rally! The band was great! Watching all the couples dancing was a treat because where else can you see and hear the "Big Band" music???? The displays were awesome...the times were different back then, everyone pulled together and there was a sense of unity but today......? Had fun dressing up too! No, Nancy didn't see any lights. Darn!!!


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