River's Edge Gallery Launches New Exhibit, Two Bird Eye Views

The River's Edge Gallery is featuring a new exhibit called 'Two Bird Eye Views.'

A new show at the River's Edge Gallery was launched Friday night at the gallery's annual Christmas party. 

The show, Two Bird Eye Views, is a collaboration of work from artists Nancy Byrum and Leo Kuschel. 

Kuschel is know for his impressionistic style, natuical scenes on cavas and watercolor depictions of the Great Lakes.

"He's an old, revered master in Downriver," she said. 

"He's a veritable Manet in the world of Metro-Detroit art."

The new pieces featured in Two Bird Eye Views takes the view in a different direction. 

Stephanie Knight, promotional direction at the gallery, said the scenes are familiar but are disconnected from viewers in a beautiful form of expressionism. 

Byrum is known for her realistic paintings on animals and nature. 

"Looking at her work, one feels they can almost reach out and touch the fur of a bear and not dabs of paint," Knight said. 

"At first glance, one will swear they are looking at a photograph."

The artists were at the gallery Friday for the launch and Christmas party. Slack said she was thrilled to have them at the December show.

"We've been showing them together for several years at Christmas time," she said.

"We enjoy seeing their work because of the familiarity: the familiarity of nature that ever Michigander loves and the familiarity of the Downriver environment. Both artists are extremely talented," Slack added.

The piece that shares the title of the show is the first time the two artists have collaborated. It features a winter scene. The lighthouse is painted by Kuschel and the birds in the foreground are by Byrum.

The gallery will feature these pieces through Jan. 31. 


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