River's Edge Gallery Uses Art to Raise Money for Red Cross

The River's Edge Gallery in Wyandotte is using an art installation as a fundraiser for the American Red Cross.

An art installation at the River's Edge Gallery that was created to shed light on the foreclosure crisis and state of the economy has turned into a way to raise money for the American Red Cross.

The artwork, a makeshift house created from an old porch, is outside of the gallery.

The house, created by Jeremy E. Hansen and Ryan Weiss, is purposely without a door.

They titled it "All Are Welcome, We Just Can't Get In."

"The lack of a door echoes the title," Hansen said.

"Everyone is welcome to the prospect of owning a home, they just can't seem to find the door."

The artists planned to dismantle the piece is late September. However, Hurricane Sandy's sudden arrival on the east coast chaned those plans.

"Given the recent evens on the east coast, the exhibition seems conveniently, even eerily timed," Hansen said. 

"Basically we were inspired due to the nature of displaced families from both the house market and natural disasters," he added.

Patt Slack, River's Edge owner, agreed with Hansen.

"Hurricane Sandy reminds us that everything is temporary. It reminds us that anything can happen to anybody. Nobody is immune," she said.

Hansen explained that people have started to toss money into the house to be donated.

"People have been throwing money inside the house like a wishing well. We're fine with people throwing money in there or coming inside and handing it to us. We bundle it all together to send as donations," he said.

The fundraiser continues through the end of the year. Hansen said they collect money from the house regularly.

He added that in the future they hope to make more art installations of a similar style.

"Someday, we'd like to make one with a door," he said.


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