Wyandotte Film Festival Award Winners

The award winners in the Downriver Detroit Underground Festival of Films include some Wyandotte residents.

There were more than a dozen films featured in the Downriver Detroit Underground Festival of Films on Saturday.

The festival started was at the James R. DeSana Center for Arts & Culture (Wyandotte Arts Center).

Award-winning local independent filmmaker and Wyandotte police detective Scott Galeski debuted three of his films Saturday. 

Galeski’s production company, Ring of Fire Entertainment, which he co-founded with his brother, Daniel Galeski Jr., sponsored the festival.

Many of the actors and other participants are from the local area. Several Wyandotte residents won awards for their performances.

Here is a list of the award winners:

  • Best Special Affects: Donna Terwilliger for Bone Yard
  • Best Comedy Actress: Wyandotte resident Emily Rader for Whiskey Tango
  • Best Soundtrack: The Ryan Dillaha Band for Whiskey Tango
  • Best Experimental Actor: Wyandotte resident Rick "Gunny" Meredith for Bone Yard
  • Best Short Film Actor: Andrew Dawe-Collins for Nutshell
  • Best Short Film Director: Daniel D. Smith for Nutshell
  • Best Drama Actress: Lauren Shafer for Lifeless
  • Best Comedy Actor: Curtis Lee Vest for Whiskey Tango
  • Best Drama Actor: Axel Harney for Lifeless
  • Best Director Drama: A.S. Ghosh for Lifeless
  • Best Producer: Jennifer Atanasovski for Cupcake Bandits
  • Best Comedy Director: Jeffrey T. Schultz for Cupcake Bandits
  • Best Cinematography: Jeffery T. Schultz for Cupcake Bandits
  • Best Documentary Director: Bryan D. Hopkins for Spill Baby Spill
  • Best Student Film Director: Carlson High School students Jacon Chamberlin and Jacob Pierce for Faygo
  • Best Film Review: Blake O. Kleiner for Haywire Effect
  • Honorable Mention: Lynn Yuhn for Karmen
  • Achievement in Independent Film: Wyandotte resident Brion Dodson
  • Achievement in Independent Film: Robert Langley 
  • Achievement in Independent Film: Kevin O'Conner
  • Achievement in Independent Film: David A. Espie


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