Wyandotte Filmmaker Adds More Credits to His Name

Scott Galeski of Wyandotte has written and produced several movies, with another in the works.

Filmmaker Scott Galeski of Wyandotte has been making films for most of his life.

The high school horror clips he made blossomed into full-fledged indie filmmaking with the award-winning 30-minute feature , which premiered in Trenton in early 2010. It was written and produced by Galeski, directed by Joseph Johnston and the soundtrack was created by Daniel Galeski Jr.

The movie—a gritty look at life behind bars—was shot at the former Wyandotte jail. Scott Galeski is a longtime , and drew on his life experience to make the movie realistic.

At the end of 2010, Galeski and his cohorts with Ring of Fire Entertainment came out with another award-winning short, Protangeline, which he also wrote and produced.

That film, directed by Galeski and Johnston with sound work by Daniel Galeski Jr., takes viewers to a fictional bar and grill, where a cast of down-and-out characters play out a day’s small dramas. It was shot at in Wyandotte.

Both short features are gritty in tone and have twisty endings that ask viewers to reconsider first impressions.

Scott Galeski’s latest effort, , a sequel to The Tank, premiered Saturday at the . It was directed by Brion Dodson.

Galeski, with his Ring of Fire Entertainment group, also is at work on a full-length film, , which is expected to debut next fall. That movie, too, is being shot Downriver.

Ring of Fire Entertainment also has produced two other short films, Detention and Recreation, which have humorous Christmas elf themes.


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