Wyandotte Scenery Featured in Shorts at Film Festival

Scott Galeski, the co-founder of the company that sponsored the Detroit Underground Festival of Films in Wyandotte, said the event went well.

The Downriver Detroit Underground Festival of Films on Saturday was a success and a good time, according to attendees. 

Wyandotte wasn't just where the festival was held, but also where several of the films were shot.

Natalie Rankine, a Wyandotte resident, said she thoroughly enjoyed the event.

"I loved it! So much of the filming was done in Wyandotte and that was really great," Rankine said.

"I thought they were really high quality," she added.

Five films featured on Saturday were shot in Wyandotte.

Award-winning local independent filmmaker and Wyandotte police detective Scott Galeski debuted three of his films at the festival.

His films Taking Back the City, Bone Yard and Whiskey Tango were all shot at least partially in Wyandotte. Bone Yard was filmed in Wyandotte and Trenton. 

Galeski’s production company, Ring of Fire Entertainment, which he co-founded with his brother, Daniel Galeski Jr., sponsored the festival. 

"I personally want to film Downriver, especially Wyandotte," Galeski said.

"It's where I grew up. It's home. Remembering where I came from is important to me. The citizens of Wyandotte and the businesses have been kind to us," he added.

Galeski said about 400 people attendd the event, which was held at the James R. DeSana Center for Arts & Culture (Wyandotte Arts Center).

"Overall, the festival went well," Galeski said.

"We had some technical difficulties and some other issues that were addressed. It was the first event of this magnitude we ever engaged in. It's a learning process and we will get better with each event."

Rankine said she didn't have any complaints about the festival.

"We all thought it was a nice night of quality films. I had a blast," Rankine said.


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