Wyandotte Hospital CEO Says Site to Remain Open After Merger

Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital President and CEO Jim Sexton briefly addressed City Council Monday night about the recent merger of Henry Ford Health System and Beaumont Health System.

Two weeks ago it was announced that Henry Ford Health System and Beaumont Health System would be entering into a $6.4 billion merger.

On Monday, Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital President and CEO Jim Sexton spoke briefly at the City Council meeting about the local hospital’s future.

Sexton reaffirmed that the facility in Wyandotte would remain open and continue operating after the merger.

Overall, the partnership between the two health systems will include 10 total hospitals and 200 total patient care sites. Facilities will keep the Beaumont and Henry Ford brand names until officials decide on a name for the joint operation.

With plans being considered for additional development and expansion in Wyandotte, prior to the merger announcement, Sexton said those goals remain as officials continue to move forward.

The former Knights of Columbus building, located across the street, was purchased by the hospital about one year ago.

Although Sexton didn’t reveal any specific plans for the site, he said the purchase was made with the intention of using it for hospital expansion.

“That’s exactly why we acquired it,” he said. “It allows for the growth (and) it allows for … us to start moving the (pieces) around.” 

The hospital in Wyandotte first opened in 1926. Today it is a 401-bed acute care facility featuring a surgery department, emergency department, birthing center, mental health services and rehabilitation services.

Art Zasadny November 13, 2012 at 02:28 PM
It seems to me that whenever a merger is announced, the announcement is followed by promises that jobs and facilities are not going to be cut and they inevitably are. I'm not saying that these organizations will do this, I'm just saying that I fully expect jobs and facilities to be cut, that's one of the results of these mergers...I jusy hope the Wyandotte hospital doesn't end up like the abandoned Riverside Hospital in Trenton, which is a derelict eyesore...
Sam123 November 13, 2012 at 05:09 PM
lol, "I'm not saying it's going to happen, I'm just saying it's going to happen".


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