Winter Weather to Continue in Wyandotte Through Thursday

Here's what we know about the rain, snow and sleet expected to continue through Thursday.

A steady sleet started pelting the ground in Wyandotte at about 1:15 p.m. Tuesday as forecasters continued to call for a nonstop drizzle of snow and other forms of precipitation through Thursday. 

A winter weather advisory is in effect until noon Wednesday.

According to the National Weather Service, 3 to 6 inches of snow, rain and sleet was predicted before Wednesday morning. Wind gusts of up to 26 mpg, as well as falling temperatures over the next 48 hours, were also in the forecast. 

Earlier predictions estimated the level of snowfall for the area to be higher. While precipitation began to fall Tuesday, it started out as rain, turned into sleet, and eventually a “heavy, wet snow” later in the day. That changing process, rather than snow from the start, caused accumulation to be less than first predicted.

"A plume of deep moisture will stream across southern Michigan late this afternoon through tonight and then linger into Wednesday," the forecast stated.

The sleet happening Tuesday afternoon was predicted to turn to rain by evening, then to heavy snow later that night. 

The weight of the snow is expected to put stress on trees and power lines, which could cause power outages. Also, the heavy snowfall will make driving hazardous Tuesday evening and into Wednesday.

Several Wyandotte Patch readers took to Facebook to talk about their messy commutes Tuesday evening.

  • Andrea Bernier Frendo Nasty-- it is flooded on west Jefferson between Pennsylvania and the GI bridge. Cars were even stalled out from driving through the water. 
  • Stephanie Keffer I canceled my plans it's horrible out there
  • Rosemarie Badalamente Zalewski Commute was very slow from Pontiac to Wyandotte going 40mph all the way home Went from rain, sleet & snow. Thank God I made it home safe

Tell us in the comments below about your driving experiences. Upload your own snow photos using the link above.


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