13 Ways to Use Wyandotte Patch in 2013

Click, read, comment, post and blog your way throughout the New Year.

New Year's Eve was a time to reminisce on the ups and downs of 2012—and we did. But the clock has long since struck midnight and the year 2013 is now upon us.

We've spent the past two years getting you to fall in love with Patch as your go-to source for everything happening in your community. This year, you'll see Patch become even more engaging and interactive for users as we make you—Wyandotte residents—the stars of this Patchy show.

So happy New Year to all, and with that, here are 13 ways you can use Wyandotte Patch in 2013:

1. Comment on an Article

Providing accurate, timely news about the community is our No. 1 priority, but without your input, that news may as well be nonexistent. We believe news is a conversation. Share your thoughts and reactions to our articles by posting a comment directly below each story.

2. Start a Blog

Talking fashion, law, cooking, politics and even motherhood, bloggers in our Local Voices section offer experience, opinion and expertise on a variety of topics. But there's always room for more. If you're interested in sharing your thoughts and expertise, get started here.

3. Send a News Tip

At the bottom of the homepage, under "Contribute," there's a link that says, "Send us news tips." Tell us about stories we should cover. Your tip will be sent straight to Jason Alley, Wyandotte Patch's editor.

4. Post an Event

Do you know of a playoff game at the local park, a school play or a Mom2Mom Sale in the neighborhood? Is there an open house or graduation ceremony coming up? If it's not on our Patch calendar, it should be. Add events to our site at wyandotte.patch.com/events/new. (Bookmark that link and use it often, please.)

5. Post an Announcement

Post births, engagements and wedding announcements. Tell us who made the honor roll or share school awards, social notes and thank you shout outs. If you're looking for volunteers or searching for your lost dog, we welcome you to call on your community for help. Post at announcement at wyandotte.patch.com/announcements/new. (Bookmark that link and use it often, please.)

6. Sign up for Newsletters

The daily Wyandotte Patch e-newsletter brings you the day's top news, plus a listing of that day's upcoming events. You also can sign up for a weekly newsletter and breaking news alerts. You can do all of that here.

7. Claim Your Directory Listing

Check out our business directory, with a listing for every locale in Wyandotte—including bars, shops, parks, churches and more. Even better news for business owners: You can claim your listing. Just go to wyandotte.patch.com/listings, find your listing and click on the "Claim this Listing!" button. You'll then be able to add additional photos and text to your listing.

8. Review a Business

Don't be shy about sharing your thoughts; we want to hear them! Love a restaurant? Hate a local retailer's service? You can review businesses listed in our directory, too. Just search for the business in our directory, click on its directory page and head to the bottom of the listing to leave a comment.

9. Upload Your Photos and Videos

You can post photos from local events or send in a snapshot of your best holiday recipes. Or maybe you've got a video of your child's winning sports game. You can post it all directly to any article, or upload general shots from the community to our Pics and Clips Neighborhood Gallery. Not sure how to get started? Here's a quick how-to. 

10. Advertise With Us

Give your business the ultimate boost. For all advertising queries, email Robert Cucheran at robert.cucheran@patch.com.

11. Facebook, Twitter and Apps

You can "like" us on Facebook and "follow" us on Twitter for even more Patch news. Immerse yourself in our content and actively contribute and engage via social media. Our apps for iPhone and Android allow you to take Patch with you wherever you go.

12. Send a Letter to the Editor

Do you have an opinion about something going on around town? Or perhaps you want to sound off on something you read on our site? Email letters to the editor to Wyandotte Patch Editor Jason Alley at jason.alley@patch.com.

13. Keep Reading Patch!

If you love Patch, keep on clicking into 2013 and beyond. If you really love Patch, tell a friend to check out the site. Share a story on Facebook. We love serving the Wyandotte community, and we hope you'll continue to help make our site the place to learn and hold conversations about Wyandotte in 2013 and beyond!


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