5 Places to Find Sweet Treats

Savoring a few sugary confections is the best way to honor Valentine's Day.

In honor of Valentine's Day, Wyandotte Patch scoped out five places to pick up a sugary treat or two for yourself or someone you love. From chocolates and sundaes to nostalgic candy and cheesecake, Wyandotte is the ideal shopping destination during one of the sweetest weeks of the year.

Here is a list of five places offering a large assortment of confections at reasonable prices:

  1. Sanders Store. What is more quintessential Valentine's Day than the heart-shaped box of chocolates? With over a century of chocolate-making under its belt, Sanders sells an assortment of holiday-themed confections, as well as ice cream sundaes, cream puffs and drinks, including hot chocolate. Small valentine hearts filled with caramel filled chocolate are $5.99 and large hearts contain an assortment of chocolates for $29.99. Sweet chocolate roses are $4.75 each. 3042 Biddle Ave.
  2. . Even when the temperatures dip into the single digits, Michiganders embrace frozen treats like slushies and ice cream. Stroh's on the corner of Sycamore and Biddle offers up over 50 flavors of ice cream, sherbet and frozen yogurt. Sundaes start at $3.21 and are available in cups, cones and waffle bowls. Some of the more interesting flavors include Mackinaw Island fudge, bear claw, moose tracks and cake batter. If ice cream doesn't scream out at you, try an ice cream float, starting at $2.92. Soda flavors include Vernors, root beer, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprint and orange. Light deli fare also is available at reasonable prices. 3162 Biddle.
  3. . A little slice of glucose heaven downtown, The Candy Store sells candy in every shape, color and flavor. The standard candies like Snickers, Twix, Nerds, Starburst and Pez are available, as well as nostalgic treats like Curly Wurlys, wax lips, Clover gum and Candy Sticks (formerly known as candy cigarettes). There is an impressive M&M Colorworks Station that stocks 21 different shades of candy-coated goodness for $9.99 lb. Over 30 flavors of Jelly Belly are available, with flavors like honey bean, jalapeno and chile mango, for mix-and-match at $7.99 lb. Those with an adventurous palate may be inclined to try the large assortment of novelty-flavored mints including onion ring, nacho and ranch, for $2.25 a tin. 3209 Biddle.
  4. Aldi. This international discount grocer on Fort Street sells a wide range of very affordable products, including a small but exciting assortment of candies and chocolates. Moser Roth Privat Chocolatiers chocolate bars are available in milk, dark and fruit flavors, 4.4 oz. for $1.69. Choceur Fine Chocolates, imported from Germany, are available in flavors like hazelnut crème, crisp wafer, peanut with cornflakes and strawberry, starting at $1.29 a bar. The Irish imported Grandessa Signature Chocolates are 30 pieces of milk, dark and white chocolate for $7.99. The six flavors in the assortment include lemon supreme, tiramisu, bitter orange, vanilla truffle, sumptuous strawberry and caramel sensation. 2931 Fort Street.
  5. Whether you are looking for a single-serve slice of cake or one large enough to share, Cheesecake Magic can satisfy any sweet tooth. For a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift, personalized heart-shaped cheesecakes are priced at $5.00. Single slices of cake are $3.00 and come in a wide array of yummy flavors, like Hawaiian delight and peanut butter cup. Six-inch cheesecakes, infused with flavors like pumpkin, eggnog, lemon pecan and caramel apple are $12.50. Chocolate and carrot cake are $5 per slice. Customers are encouraged to preorder. 350 Eureka.


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