Police Seeking Info After 3 Masked Gunmen Rob Wyandotte Bar

Police said the robbery at Quit-N-Time is related to similar incidents at Dearborn and Southgate bars.

Officials from four police agencies, including the Wyandotte Police Department, met Tuesday to try to solve a rash of armed robberies at area bars that are becoming more violent over time.

The latest incident occurred in Wyandotte at about 10:30 p.m. Friday at Quit-N-Time, 3353 Fort St.

According to Police Chief Daniel Grant, three men ran into the back door of the bar carrying guns. Two were armed with rifles and another with a handgun.

“One of them fired a warning shot into the ceiling to get everyone’s attention,” Grant said. “They got the money box out of the office and took off. They were inside for less than 90 seconds.”

During that minute-and-a-half, however, the three men assaulted several customers and employees.

“They grabbed a barmaid by the hair and shoved her down,” Grant said. “They were aiming guns at people’s heads.”

The gunmen had their bodies completely covered, wearing ski masks, gloves, long-sleeved hoodies and jeans. Because of that, Grant said, officers are unable to determine their race.

After reviewing surveillance video, Grant said the men appear to be young, standing between 5 foot 6 inches and 6 foot tall, with thin builds.

The men were seen running away, down a back alley.

Their physical descriptions, along with the way the robbery was pulled off, have led police to connect the same men to at least two other bar robberies.

"We have confirmed that the three are related and that the same men involved in Wyandotte also are behind the incidents in Southgate and Dearborn," Grant said.

The Dearborn incident occurred Feb. 7 at Bronco's Saloon, 4025 Maple. In that case, three armed men wearing ski masks walked into the bar at about 10 p.m. and ordered everyone to the ground. One man, holding an AK-47, told the bartender to open the safe and Keno drawer and place them on the bar. One of the other men grabbed the money–about $3,000 in cash–and placed it in a blue pillowcase. A customer said one of the robbers also took his wallet.

The Southgate incident occurred weeks ago at 3 Nick's Tap Room, 14594 Eureka Road, while the bar was closed.

Officers from the three involved police departments, along with the Michigan State Police, are working together to share evidence in hopes of finding those responsible.

“We’re worried if this keeps on, they could become more violent,” Grant said. “We don’t want to see this escalate any further.”

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call police at 734-324-4438.

"This is a case where I think people know who these men are and we need the media's help to get the word out," Grant said.

Stephanie Keffer February 21, 2012 at 08:29 PM
Not good hope they catch the guys soon
Stacy Priebe Cataldo February 21, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Oh this makes me so sad. Those poor people scared in the bar and being hurt for the love of money. It sickens my heart. So sad.
wally February 22, 2012 at 02:50 AM
can i leave a racial slur here even if these idiots are white.. If the shoe fits...put them in jail (forever).


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