Michigan Delegates Show Support at Convention for Obama's Auto Bailout

Several speakers at the Democratic National Convention made mention of the auto industry in Wednesday's speeches.

Out of the many reasons Democrats have said they support the reelection of President Barack Obama, it's not surpsing that one of the most common responses from metro Detroiters is the president's 2009 bailout of the automotive industry.

The Michigan-based Center for Automotive Research estimates that the bailout saved 1.1 million U.S. jobs in the process.

And many speakers at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday clearly made note of it.

According to the Huffington Post, United Auto Workers President Bob King was among the harshest critics of the Republicans' stance on the bailout, and biggest supporters of Obama's actions.

"President Obama took action, putting together a rescue team and demanding real change, real sacrifice from everyone: management, labor, shareholders, suppliers, debt-holders and dealers," King said. "It wasn't universally popular, but it was absolutely right."

Dearborn delegate Fred Hoffman, a former employee of Chrysler in government affairs, names that decision by the Obama Administration as one of his top reasons for supporting the president.

"I am absolutely convinced that the environment around here would be very different today had not the President stood up for Detroit, our companies and our workers," Hoffman wrote .

"Remember how tough it was in late 2008?" he added. "All of the auto companies were bleeding cash, GM and Chrysler were facing huge credit deadlines, thousands of employees ... took buyouts and layoffs, Congress ... voted down assistance, and auto sales were tanking because of the credit market freeze. To address that mess, President Obama assembled a first-class team that acted quickly, creatively and decisively to implement a plan that truly saved the domestic auto industry."

Rockford delegate Fred Overeem said the message struck a chord with him, even though he's never worked in an auto plant or for a parts supplier.

"I was in education, but I taught the children of auto workers," said Overeem. "It touches every part of the state."

More than 5,000 Democratic delegates are in Charlotte this week to nominate President Obama for a second term. He'll accept the party's nomination Thursday evening at Time Warner Arena.

Michigan is pivotal to President Obama's re-election strategy. Recent polls put the President up by 4 points in the state.

Prior to Obama's concluding speech, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm is expected to speak as well. She has said she'll continue the auto industry message with her alloted time, according to the Detroit News.

V. Scheurich September 12, 2012 at 12:08 AM
Socialism explained by liberals who are attached to the hip of the Party of Food Stamps! Remember, these are Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Debbie Stabenow supporters. http://weaselzippers.us/2012/09/11/video-dnc-delegates-not-so-shockingly-approve-of-socialism/
PaulRevere September 12, 2012 at 08:35 AM
It actually was a "UNION EMPLOYEE BAILOUT" in the guise of 1 auto manufacturer. People, there were over 10 auto manufacturers ready to sell autos in this USA , no matter about GM. Bailing out some of the highest paid workers in America, Really saved jobs! No! The unions own GM as Obama gave them $60Billion more to lose. GM has 3 years life left. Better watch your own non-union jobs. No bailouts for your employer.


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