Debate Party Attendees: Talk Lacked Moderation, Obama 'A Disappointment'

Viewers of the first presidential debate at Patch's watch party in Dearborn had plenty to say about the candidates' positions, and their personalities during the televised event.

Though the viewership at the presidential debate watch party hosted by Patch in Dearborn skewed in favor of President Barack Obama, attendees said that overall, they thought Republican candidate Mitt Romney took home the win Wednesday night.

"I was disappointed in Obama," said Dearborn resident Fran Hayes after the debate party, held at the Good Times Caffe. "I wanted him to show more passion."

Detroit resident Johnna McConico added that she was surprised by Romney's debating abilities against the president.

"I didn't think he would be that strong, but he stood his ground," she said. "I think as we were caught off guard by Romney being assured, (Obama) probably was, too."

As a result, viewers in Dearborn felt Obama didn't seize the opportunity to tout his successes while in office. Instead, viewers agreed, he spent too much time defending himself.

"Romney did more attacking," Dearborn resident Joe commented, "but Obama has more of a track record. Obama should have been more aggressive in pointing out his accomplishments."

Some, however, felt that both candidates would have benefited from heavier moderation to keep them on topic—and to their allotted times.

"Jim Lehrer ruined it," said Dearborn resident Kathy Porach of the former PBS director. "He brought no spark."

Commenters on Twitter and in social media outlets seemed to agree, with USA Today suggesting that Lehrer "lost control."

"Apparently, Jim Lehrer thinks the best moderator is no moderator at all," the national media source reported.

Consequentially, Dearborn debate viewers said there were more issues they felt should have been addressed. Among them were education, the auto bailout, and women's issues.

"There was no mention of women's health care," commented Dearborn resident Christina Do. "I thought that was a huge oversight."

What did you think of the debate? Tell us in the comments what the good and bad points were, then take our Patch Poll and tell us who won.

Lee Jacobsen October 04, 2012 at 03:06 PM
resident Joe nailed it, Obama should have been more agressive in his accomplishments. Oops! What accomplishments? Record unemployment, record spending, our citizens in the Middle East murdered? All Romney had to do was show up, the win for him was a 'given'. The topic of Energy was telling. The 90 billion spent on 'losers' in wind and solar was a telling point, one of many. I mention it as I almost got zapped by Solyndra, and the Volt is another govt loser. Romney pointing out that all increases in oil production was accomplished by the private sector, not the govt, was also revealing. The next catch word, 'trickle down government'. The moderator was great, letting the two slug it out, rather than cutting them off mid-sentence. The next format will be 'town hall', any chance one of us can get in and ask a question?
Joseph Robert October 06, 2012 at 01:07 AM
Read about all of the more than 20 false statements and lies that Romney told at the debate. http://thinkprogress.org/politics/2012/10/04/958801/at-last-nights-debate-romney-told-27-myths-in-38-minutes/?mobile=nc How can anyone trust this extremist who will say ANYTHING to get elected!
Lee Jacobsen October 06, 2012 at 03:46 AM
Joseph, are you kidding? Obama promised us all transparency in govt, reach across the aisle, more jobs, etc, instead he has done none of those promises, plus, lowered our status in the world, doubled gas prices, gave us not only one, but two downgrades in country credit ratings, the first ever by the way, due to his record spending, we all know Obama's record, and it isn't pretty. The real Obama was at the debate, he can't think but in short 'thought bites' , and without teleprompters , script writers, and an audience that cheers at appropriate moments to give him time to think, he looked and performed 'poorly'. His handlers were aware of his shortcomings even before the debate, and were downplaying their expectations accordingly. Now the Dems call Romney a liar. Are we back in the 5th grade again? Calling Romney a liar because he didn't follow the Dem's playbook?


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