How Are Michigan's Roads? Tell SEMCOG the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Residents are encouraged to comment on the region’s long-term transportation plan.

As part of its public outreach efforts in developing Southeast Michigan’s 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, has released the fifth in a series of videos about the region’s transportation system.

View the video – The Inside Story on Safety – at http://www.semcog.org. Also on that same web page is a short survey related to the video about safety in the region. 

“The transportation system impacts all of us and safety is a key component. Much has been done to try to decrease traffic crashes in recent years,” explains Carmine Palombo, SEMCOG Plan Implementation. “Each video is intended to deliver important messages about our transportation system and outline the challenges we face in developing the new long-range plan. We encourage everyone in Southeast Michigan to understand the issues and provide feedback via the survey that will accompany each video.”

The first four videos – on roads and bridges, walking and biking, public transit, and freight – can also be accessed at www.semcog.org.

In 2013, SEMCOG’s local government members will decide on a long-range transportation plan and a list of the highest-priority projects to be funded over the next five years. The plan and projects will demonstrate how the transportation system improves the regions by supporting continued economic recovery, environmental health, community revitalization, and quality of life.

Residents are encouraged to follow development of the 2040 plan at www.semcog.org/2040RegionalTransportationPlan.aspx.

Written comments on any aspect of the plan can be sent to InfoCenter@semcog.org.

Source: SEMCOG

Ted Dziengelewski January 08, 2013 at 01:47 PM
What plan? Can't escape construction. Instead of patchwork fix the roads so they don't need to be torn up over and over again every year. The only people getting any benefits are the paving contractors.


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