Rep. Dingell on Labor Day: Don't Forget How We Got Here

Dearborn's Democratic Congressman gives his thoughts on the history of Labor Day.

Congressman John Dingell (D-Dearborn) shared his thoughts on Labor Day in a statement. Do you agree with his views? Tell us in the comments.

"Today we honor the labor movement in America–a movement that is the engine of our middle class. America's workers are the best in the world and their productivity and ingenuity have enabled millions of families to achieve the American dream.

"We must not forget how got here: organized labor fought and won numerous battles to ensure fair treatment and motivation in the workplace. Our parents and grandparents led this movement which ended child labor, established fair wages, instituted pensions for American families to live on when they retire, implemented paid sick and vacation leave, created workplace safety standards, and protected worker’s health with the development of affordable health care and workers comp.

“We can and we must continue to protect our middle class, our working families, and our young people's future by investing in our workforce.”


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