Wyandotte Officials Put Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Facilities

Wyandotte officials are awaiting ruling from the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Wyandotte officials aren’t blowing smoke about their plan to keep medical marijuana facilities from opening in the city. 

City officials voted unanimously to enact a moratorium on issuing any certificates of occupancies for medical marijuana facilities until the Michigan Court of Appeals makes a ruling on their legality.

City Engineer Mark Kowalewski proposed the matter, which directs City Attorney William Look to draft a city ordinance regarding the moratorium.

“The Michigan Court of Appeals has recently made a ruling on the regulation of medical marijuana by cities,” Kowalewski said. “There is also another case scheduled to go before another panel of the Michigan Court of Appeals on this issue. It is my recommendation that a moratorium be adopted concerning any application for a certificate of occupancy for a medical marijuana facility until further clarification on the law may be received and to allow the city to consider the necessity of licensing and making amendments to the zoning ordinance concerning locations of the facilities.”

About five medical marijuana facilities have applied to open in Wyandotte and all have been denied, Kowalewski said.

Just Sayin! August 23, 2012 at 06:28 PM
LOL....thank god!..JK! Well "Flying" Im "Just Saying"! it is a "General fact" ya know.... it definitly had an adverse negative affect on you ..RIGHT? :)
FlyingTooLow August 23, 2012 at 06:39 PM
I gotta 'fess up...going to prison is an 'adverse affect.' But, remember, it is 'government induced.' Certainly not a side effect of marijuana use itself. Do me a favor, Just Sayin'...please go to this link and read this aricle. I watched one of the videos mentioned about 2 weeks ago...some terrific information for 'what ails you' Please take a look: http://www.opednews.com/articles/New-Evidence-that-THC-in-by-Richard-Clark-120822-659.html#comment389404 Looks like you will have to copy and paste the link...or, you can look it up in OpEdNews. Stay happy...it is a lot more fun that way.
Just Sayin! August 23, 2012 at 06:55 PM
Man..just when I think you and I are meeting somewhere in the middle you go a head and say things like it was "Government induced" Cmon Flyin! the law is clear..is it not? put aside you "opinion" on weather it should be legal or not, the fact is ..ITS NOT! weather you like itor I like it, or weather its right or wrong for it to be illegal.. with that said, I have to repectfully disagree with you on that, in that it wasn't "government induced", it was all your conscience desision to deliberetly break the law.. I quite certainly could of been "Marijuana induced"..lol I'll definitly check it out once I get a moment :)
FlyingTooLow August 23, 2012 at 07:10 PM
When I say 'government induced,' I meant being prosecuted for a law that should never exist within the United States. It flies in the face of EVERYTHING our country is based upon. Yes, I have already admitted that I knowingly broke the law. Do you ever exceed the speed limit by just a few miles per hour? Then, you are knowingly breaking the law. A law that is in place to protect us all. Prohibitive marijuana laws are not for that purpose. They are in place to protect a 'very few.' Big Pharma being the biggest recipient. I know you will enjoy the article I mentioned above. There is a tremendous amount of info coming into the light. The big airing will be on October 16...when 3 Federal judges will hear the suit against the DEA to reschedule marijuana.
Just Sayin! August 23, 2012 at 07:22 PM
Were not comparing apples to apples here,or in this case civil infractions to felonies.. I do exceed the limit, but I do know that I wont be thown in jail for 5 years plus fo that simple infraction .. I also "J" walk too.... thats a whole other story..lol I glimpsed over the article, and just so you know, Im not in anyway against anything that can "medically proven" benefit someones sickness or cure a disease if enough trials are done and its proven beyond a doubt..


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