Wyandotte Residents' Electric Bills Are Going Up

The increase is expected to cost the average resident about $4 more a month.

Wyandotte residents will be paying more for electricity come October.

City Council members voted Monday night to concur with the Wyandotte Municipal Services Commission in raising residential electric rates.

The increase is expected to cost the average resident about $4 more a month.

Melanie McCoy, general manager of , said the average monthly residential bill is $91, based on 600 kilowatt hours of usage. The price hike will take that bill to $95, she said, noting that the same customer would pay $96 if they had DTE Energy.

Ensuring that Wyandotte's prices are in line with DTE is a priority, officials said.

“Our service is far superior and our rates are lower,” Councilman Todd Browning said.

Mayor Joseph Peterson said the cost increase is necessary to help offset the costs associated with providing electricity.

"Nobody wants the rates to go up," he said. "There are no winners."

McCoy said officials are always looking for new ways of doing business to keep costs down.

“We do not expect rate increases to be the sole solution to the financial pressures facing our operations,” she wrote in a letter to city officials. “(The) Wyandotte Municipal Service Commission understands this is a difficult economic time for our customers. We will continue to identify areas to reduce our operating costs in order to minimize future rate increases.”

As part of the new electric rate schedule, most commercial and industrial customers will actually see a decrease in charges. Businesses have historically been charged more to help subsidize residential costs, but that is no longer a feasible option in the current economic climate, McCoy said.

“As with other utilities in Michigan, businesses have been paying higher rates to keep residential rates lower,” she wrote in a letter to city officials. “As the business environment has become more difficult, it is no longer possible to have businesses subsidize the residential customers.”

The last At that time, another increase was expected to come in April. However, that never happened and is now being put into place.

Mike Machael August 28, 2012 at 07:08 PM
was not happy about this back in oct, and kinda mad about it now when i see how much its going to cost me, i know its only $4. a month but like so many others i am having a real hard time paying all my bills now and just being able to do that. part of what is driving this increase is the fed lawsuit settlment against the city. every time Melanie McCoy is in front of the council she wants more money, i know i will be blasted for saying so, we have certain council members as well as others who defend her tooth and nail and i dont know why. whenever she is asked to explain things she seems to always be unprepared. dont feel she was the best person for the job. we should have given the job to sum one inside our own municipal service instead of sum one who came from out of state. (if i remember correct) i understand cost to operate are going up and fed mandates are getting harder to comply with. that is why we need a person that can explain all the details clearly so we can all understand them and not sound like they are confused all the time.
Denise Green August 29, 2012 at 12:34 AM
The rates we pay, even with the increase are much less than anyone with DTE or Consumers pay! The state mandated that ALL utilities must provide 10% of power from renewable sources by 2015 so no utility will have a choice. Wyandotte is being proactive and putting in some solar stuff now. While it may seem that there are frequent requests for funding, The improvements that WMS has done in the last few years have made our system much more reliable. The electrical infrastructure in Wyandotte was at the point that unless improvements were started, the chances of extended outages due to equipment failure were huge...and none of us want that!
Web Spin August 29, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Funny, Wyandotte charges more for electricity than the 'for profit' DTE, yet Wyandotte uses the cheapest most polluting source; coal and I believe the plant has been out of EPA compliance for 15 years! What a city. All the tax revenue has been diverted to the councils pet project downtown, while over 100 businesses went bankrupt and now sit vacant. The roads (again except for downtown) are deplorable, the city workers arrogant and rude, the services sub par, even the water tastes funny. Their is a reason people avoid Wyandotte!
Web Spin August 29, 2012 at 03:51 PM
P.S. the cost to produce electricity is about 2 cents a kilowatt, but our cost on our bills is 15 cents a kilowatt. Why the 650% markup? Bloated salaries of friends, partners and relatives. This city makes Detroit look good.
William Riley August 29, 2012 at 05:36 PM
What a crock!!! I guess the Council thinks that we who live in Wyandotte don't watch the meetings or remember what was said during them. Not long ago discussion was brought up that our electric rates were now higher than DTE, but it didn't matter as our power company provided better repair service than DTE, so it was worth the higher rates! Oh, and don't forget those nice windmills we had installed that were going to also help keep out rates low. HA!!! By the way, I do commend those who work to keep the power flowing in our city. Great job, folks!!!


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