19 Wyandotte Teachers to Become Curriculum Leaders

Current Wyandotte Public Schools' educators will take on Curriculum Teacher Leader positions throughout the district.

The Wyandotte Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve a plan for this school year that creates 19 Curriculum Teacher Leader positions.

Current district teachers will be selected to take on the additional role, with each being assigned to focus on specific academic disciplines, such as math or science. Duties performed will be similar to those of an academic department head.

Curriculum leaders will be named at the elementary, middle school and high school levels, said Wyandotte School Superintendent Carla Harting.

Having the leaders at all three steps, she said, helps establish consistency in the overall education offered by the district.

“We really feel that we need something K-12…to make sure that (a) curriculum starts in kindergarten and leads through 12th grade,” Harting said.

Heading the leader curriculum program is by the Board in August. Under the direction of Thaler, the teachers will work to develop and implement a curriculum plan, as well as assist with the professional growth of their colleagues.

A $1,000 stipend will be paid to each of the 19 teachers and all pertinent work will be done during after-school hours and during the summer.  


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