Improvements Made at Wyandotte Schools Over the Summer

Check out the full list of projects completed this summer at every building throughout the district.

When students return to the classrooms Tuesday, there will be noticeable changes to the condition of every building throughout .

Members of the district's operations department worked throughout the summer on a number of projects. Every building in the district had some work done to it.

Bernie Bowers, the school district’s operations supervisor, took Board of Education members on a tour of some of the improvements last week.

Board President Robert Kirby said the annual field trip is one of his favorite board activities each year.

"This is where we can see directly how the kids will benefit," he said. "And, all of this was done without any bond money. That's the impressive part. All of this was done with our general fund. We were able to get all of this accomplished without any bond money."

School Superintendent Carla Harting said she was impressed by the amount of work done in just a matter of months.

"We are proud of our operations department and the work they have completed this summer," she said. "Our schools have never looked better. With the hot weather this summer, they still worked to make sure that all buildings are ready for the start of school. We thank them for all of their hard work."

For a full list of all the improvements made, check out the PDF above.

Jason Alley September 04, 2012 at 08:20 PM
Sorry that the story isn't more clear. If you read the doc above that was prepared by the school district, you'll note that they acknowledge the playground work was done in conjunction with the community build.
Rob Kirby September 04, 2012 at 08:26 PM
I think everyone is reading something into this that wasn't intended. This was about changes in the district. The people involved was vast to say the least. The removal of some of the equipment was done by the DPS and the community. This wasnt about saying who did what. My statements were made about what we as a district did this summer, and yes I am very proud of our staff , for what they got done. We are trying to get small projects done out of the general fund each year so to keep our buildings looking good. I truly hope that people dont feel slighted by the way the article was written, it was about changes made in the distrcit and these were changes made in the district. Again thanks to the people who put their time in at Monroe and Jefferson and made those playgrounds safe and fun for our wyandotte Kids.....thank you!!!
Michele September 05, 2012 at 03:17 AM
I live by Jefferson, as I walked through the back and out around the front one evening just about two weeks ago I was startled at the complete disarray of the playground! The black top is uneven and falling to pieces. There was graffiti on ground, equipment, it was dirty, it was dismal, totally unfit in my opinion of that school. My kids attended Jefferson and it was always kept neat and tidy and equipment was always up to date and fine tuned. After the city dismantled the adjacent basebal field, removed the fencing all the way around, and chopped down all the trees, Jefferson now looks as if no has the care or concern for Wyandotte's kids outdoor experiences?? Hopefully it has changed or someone has a plan to beautify this environment.
Lisa Miree September 05, 2012 at 09:33 PM
What is going on with Jefferson Elementary? When can we utilize the large weedy grass field for needed parking space to pick up and drop off our children in a safer manner? Parents and neighboring homes are exhausted with this traffic. Do we really need a large field of grass that the children never use?
Rob Kirby September 05, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Michelle, I think if you look at the document it states that the install of the new playground will be next week,(sept 14 or 15th) so its under construction. During our walk though Bernie Bowers talk to those there about his plan for that area. Now its a matter of finding the money for his vision. If you look at Garfield, that was his vision last year at our walk through. The trees came out because they were a hazzard. Im sorry your seeing this under construction, but it will look better soon. Lisa, I couldnt agree more with having a better place for the parents to drop off. I will bring that to Bernie and Dr. Harding and see what we can do. I do know this adding a new parking lot does have a large price tag attached too it, but seeing how best to make it safe is our goal. thank you for your comments


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