Tentative Contracts Include Wage Freeze for Wyandotte Teachers, Secretaries and Maintenance Staff

The unions for Wyandotte Public Schools teachers, secretaries and maintenance staff have agreed to wage freezes and a high-deductible health plan in latest contracts.

On Tuesday night the agreed to with the unions representing its teachers, secretaries and maintenance staff.

Each of the contracts includes a freeze on wages for each of the three groups of district employees involved.

The unions for all three sets of employees also agreed upon a high-deductible, no-cost health benefit plan, with deductibles that will range from $1,000 to $2,000.

For each contract, a wage and benefit re-opener is in place, allowing for future negotiations to set wage and benefit costs for the 2013-15 school years.

Before agreeing to the contracts on Tuesday night, the board briefly stepped into closed session for discussion, then returned and unanimously approved all three.


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