Wyandotte Public Schools Closed Tuesday

A wind chill warning means a combination of very cold air and strong winds will create dangerously low wind chill values.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
Wyandotte Public Schools will be closed Tuesday, Jan. 27 as wind chill temperatures are expected to drop below freezing.

The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill warning, which will remain in effect till noon Wednesday. Wind chills are expected to drop as low as -35 degrees below zero Monday night.

Exposure to such cold temperatures may lead to hypothermia or frost bite on skin exposed to the elements even for a short time. If you venture out, out dress in layers to keep warm and be sure to wear a hat and gloves.

Check back with Wyandotte Patch as more information is released.

Corki January 28, 2014 at 10:12 AM
At my age now I am less tolerant of high and low temperatures and am compelled to watch those constant weather alerts all day to plan my days around cold, snow, or excessive heat. I do not remember hearing about wind chill numbers and the negative temperatures of recent being announced on the radio when I was a child. We did not have a television until I was in middle school so early each school morning when it snowed, my parents got up to listen to the news on the radio and see if by any chance schools would be closed. Of course schools were rarely closed back then and we kids were always so DISAPPOINTED most of those winters mornings when we bundled up and walked off to school. I am sure many of you remember those days! Living across from a grade school I also know very few children walk to school these days and I envy them having parents with a car to drive them every day. But I also realize that they are missing that early morning disappointment of not having a day off due to snow and they are missing that long walk to school with their friends dressed in ugly boots - not tennis shoes - and actually wearing a hat and mittens to keep warm! But I think what I regret most is the fact that todays youth (although most importantly are today home SAFE and WARM) will not have earned the privilege of being able to tell their children and grandchildren how they walked 2 miles to and from school in deep deep snow, UPHILL BOTH WAYS!


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