Update: Wyandotte Public Schools Closed Wednesday Due to Wind Chill

Wyandotte Public Schools will be closed Wednesday due to the snowstorm that has left behind a record-breaking deep freeze in the United States.

Updated: 1/9/14  9:49 a.m. -- adds correction

Wyandotte Public Schools will be closed again Wednesday due to freezing temperatures.

In Wyandotte, today will be the third day classes have been canceled since students were supposed to return from their winter break. 

Supt. Carla Harting said this is "the most amount of snow days the city has ever had in a row."

By law, Michigan school districts are required to provide 1,098 hours of instruction over the course of at least 170 days. 

Previously, Gov. Rick Snyder signed legislation allowing schools with too many snow days to avoid having to schedule extra days in the summer.

According to Public Act 29 of 2013, school districts that weren't open at least 170 days could continue receiving state funding, as long as they still met the 1,098-hour minimum, which meant school districts that had more than six snow days could hold longer days for the remainder of the school year instead of adding days.

The law only applied only to the 2012-2013 school year. It would take another act of the legislature for such flexibility to be available during the 2013-2014 school year. 

"Unless this winter keeps going like this, I would be surprised it will go for six days," Harting said. 

Wyandotte Public Schools plan on being open Thursday, as temperatures are steadily going up, she said. 

The city of Wyandotte issued a snow emergency on Sunday that remains in effect.

Check back with Wyandotte Patch as more information is released.



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