Wyandotte Scholarship Foundation to Continue Awarding Students with Help from Southgate Ford

The Wyandotte Public Schools Scholarship Foundation President Rod Kreger made a presentation to the school board Tuesday about their continuing efforts to awards students.

One year ago, a partnership was formed to benefit students in need of financial assistance. 

And now, that partnership between the Wyandotte Public Schools Scholarship Foundation and Southgate Ford will continue to award students, according to Foundation President Rod Kreger, who made a presentation to the Wyandotte Board of Education on Tuesday night.

Since the existence of the scholarship foundation, more than 600 students have been awarded financially, Kreger said.

"We are overseeing a foundation of about $670,000," he said. "It is growing in terms of more people are becoming interested in providing endowments."

Last year, Southgate Ford General Manager Jim Jurcak presented the foundation with a check for $2,500 to kick-start the collaborated program.

The foundation receives $100 from every new vehicle bought or leased at Southgate Ford, and $50 from every used vehicle purchased. Funds are donated to the foundation if a purchaser requests it.

"As a resident and a citizen, and watching the students development, I can't believe it," Kreger told school board members. "The educational programs that you provide the students today are so much beyond what was there when I was in school. ... I'm really proud of all of this."

The scholarship foundation is a non-profit organization comprised of several volunteers who work to help raise money for the purpose of sending Roosevelt students to college.


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