Wyandotte Students Keep Art Fair Nice and Tidy

Students in Roosevelt High School's music department earn money for their programs by sweeping up at the Wyandotte Street Art Fair.

With brooms and dustpans in hand, students in music department roam Biddle during all four days of the Wyandotte Street Art Fair.

The students are hired by the city to do cleanup patrol. But to them, the students said, it's a fun way of hanging out with their friends and helping out their own program.

“We’re out here cleaning up the streets, trying to keep Wyandotte clean for everyone to walk through," Jennifer Besler said. "I’m pretty excited about doing it because it’s helping out our community."

While this was Besler's first year volunteering at the fair, her shift partner, Brittany Moran, is an old pro. This was her third year working the fair.

Moran said the money the students earn is shared amongst many music programs at her school, including marching band and choir.

"It helps with the cost of band camp and a whole bunch of other stuff," she said.

ln addition to picking up trash and emptying trash containers, Moran said, the 20 or so students who work each day also are sometimes assigned other tasks, such as sitting in a vendor's booth so he or she can take a restroom break.

"It's a lot of fun and we all are happy to sign up and help," she said.

Want more info on the art fair? , scroll through or For a complete list of all stories written about the 2012 fair, check out its topic page.


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