Wyandotte Superintendent Kicks Off School Year with 'I Make a Difference!' Theme

Carla Harting has "excitement, anticipation, and high expectations for the success of each student."

is starting the school year out with a message to parents: Your help is needed to ensure the success of Wyandotte students.

In a letter to parents and community members, Harting asks for their help to ensure the district offers its students "the best possible education."

"Our theme this year is 'I Make a Difference!'" the letter says. "It takes each one of us to ensure that our students receive the support they need to be successful."

Read the full letter:

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Welcome back!  As I begin my second year as Superintendent, I am looking forward to the start of the school year with excitement, anticipation, and high expectations for the success of each student.  We anticipate a rewarding and challenging school year as we work together to provide the best possible education for our students.  With the many options now available to parents and students, thank you for choosing the Wyandotte Public Schools for your child’s education.

Our ensuring that our buildings are ready.  They did an outstanding job cleaning, painting, refinishing floors, landscaping, etc. even during the very hottest days of summer!  They have the buildings ready for our staff members to begin instruction on the first day of school.  We appreciate all they have done to provide students and staff members with a safe and clean environment for the start of the year.

Our theme this year is “I Make a Difference!”  It takes each one of us to ensure that our students receive the support they need to be successful.  Staff members have been working hard to ensure we have the best possible learning environment for each student.  We offer an exceptional curriculum and many opportunities for high student achievement.  We have an excellent staff that is enthusiastic and well-trained.  We also need the support of each parent/guardian as our students begin the new school year.  Each one of you makes a difference in the lives of our students!

It is wonderful to see the commitment, caring, and pride that the staff and community have in the Wyandotte Public Schools.  Parents and community members consistently tell me how happy they are with the district and the willingness they see of staff members to provide extra effort to ensure the best possible education for our students.

Please contact me with your questions, suggestions and comments.  You can reach me at 734-759-6002 or email me at Carla.Harting@wy.k12.mi.us. I hope to see you at “Back to School Night” and throughout the year at our academic, athletic, and music events.  I look forward to an excellent year for our students, parents, and staff!


Carla S. Harting


Wyandotte Public Schools


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