UPDATED: Wyandotte's 2012 MEAP Scores Increase, But Still Fall Below State Average

Of the 18 subject areas tested, Wyandotte students showed improvements in all but five of them.

Wyandotte students showed better test scores this year compared to last in several subject areas, but still lagged behind the state average in most areas, according to results released Monday by the Michigan Department of Education.

Of the 18 testing areas on the fall 2012 Michigan Educational Assessment Program test, Wyandotte students showed improvements in all but five of them.

The areas that decreased over last year's MEAP results are third grade reading, fifth grade science, sixth grade reading, sixth grade social studies and ninth grade social studies.

While the majority of the results were better year over year, Wyandotte students still scored below the state average in 14 of the 18 testing areas. The areas where Wyandotte exceeded the state average were in third, fourth and fifth grade mathematics, and fifth grade reading.

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Wyandotte school Superintendent Carla Harting said she has many takeaways from the results this year.

"Although we realize that we still have improvements to make, our students are progressing and succeeding in other ways that are not readily apparent in the state-reported proficiency rates," she said in a written statement. "We are pleased with the writing strategies that our teachers have been able to employ in order to have our students be proficient in this important skill. Their hard work is verified, as only 4% of 4th graders and 6% of 7th graders are considered to be not proficient in writing."

Harting said it's important to analyze more than just the raw numbers.

"Growth can be measured by following the same group of students, typically by grade level, and is an important tool to see how these students are progressing within the same content area year after year," she said. "We are proud to show that the current 5th graders at Garfield Elementary (School) have demonstrated 25% growth in math since they were 3rd graders. There are seven other groups of students who have shown a double-digit growth measurement from last year throughout the district."

Statewide, students showed gains in reading, writing and mathematics.

"These gains demonstrate Michigan’s teachers and students are rising to the challenge of the rigorous standards established last year," State Superintendent Mike Flanagan said in a written statement. "I am encouraged by the progress we are making in Michigan and look forward to the continued efforts to help all students achieve at a higher level in all subjects."

The MEAP is given once a year to students in grades 3 through 9. Reading and mathematics are tested in grades 3 through 8, writing is tested in grades 4 and 7, science is tested in grades 5 and 8, and social studies are tested in grades 6 and 9.

All MEAP scores are divided into four performance levels: Not Proficient, Partially Proficient, Proficient, and Advanced. Students who place in either the Proficient or Advanced levels are considered to have "met or exceeded" standards (are “proficient”) in that subject. Michigan students are tested every October on knowledge and skills learned through the end of the previous year.

Here's a look at the percentage of all Wyandotte students who met or exceeded state standards, as compared to the percentage proficient in 2011, as well as with the percentage of students proficient statewide.

Grade 3

Wyandotte 2012
Wyandotte 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 45.7
40.9 Reading 62.1 63.0 66.5

Grade 4

Wyandotte 2012 Wyandotte 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 50.5 41.7 44.9 Reading 66.3 65.9 68.1 Writing 44.3 36.9 46.7

Grade 5

Wyandotte 2012 Wyandotte 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 47.2 33.9 45.7 Reading 76.8 69.7 70.4 Science 5.1 11.7 13.1

Grade 6

Wyandotte 2012 Wyandotte 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 20.3 19.9 40.2 Reading 62.2 67.0 68.2 Social Studies 20.8 22.0 29.7

Grade 7

Wyandotte 2012 Wyandotte 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 28.0 26.9 38.4 Reading 58.3
53.1 62.0 Writing 46.9 40.5 51.7

Grade 8

Wyandotte 2012 Wyandotte 2011 Michigan 2012 Math 22.6 11.2 32.5 Reading 64.9 49.7 65.7 Science 11.0 6.3 15.9

Grade 9

Wyandotte 2012 Wyandotte 2011 Michigan 2012 Social Studies 19.2 25.3 28.6

Source: Michigan Department of Education


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Kelly B February 11, 2013 at 11:01 PM
This should be linked to the recent storey about the teachers wanting raises. I know if I produce numbers below par in my job I certainly would not be complaining about my pay. My child has gone through the Wyandotte school systeem. I would NEVER make that mistake again if I could go back.
fabio February 12, 2013 at 02:55 PM
My children went to Wyandotte schools and I would not have a problem sending them again. It is very easy to blame the other people (teachers) but in the end its just like anything else you get out of it what you put into it.
Greg Kazmierski February 12, 2013 at 03:55 PM
Teachers can't make their students do their homework, get to bed on time, eat healthy, READ at home. They also can't make parents encourage their child (academically), assist with homework, insist on attendance and punctuality, provide an adequate learning environment (at home), take some responsibility for their child's education. These are vital components to your child's educational success.


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