Software Helps Guide Wyandotte Football to Victory

Hudl allows Wyandotte Roosevelt coaches and players to take full advantage of video technology.

For several years, the football team has prepared for upcoming games by watching recorded video from past games and practices.

This season, Wyandotte has expanded its capabilities for using video, thanks to the software Hudl.

Based in Nebraska, Hudl gives coaches the ability to quickly upload and edit video, as well as create instructional videos and put together highlight clips. The software also generates statistical data after a video is uploaded and game information is entered.

The software first became available in 2006 and it’s currently used by high schools nationwide, as well as Division I college teams and the NFL’s New York Jets. Locally, Wyandotte head coach Ron Adams said a total of eight Downriver League teams are using the software.

Adams said Hudl is a valuable tool for the Bears that has given them an advantage on the gridiron this season.

“As a coach in this day and age, in the 21st century, you’ve got to embrace any opportunity that will help your kids become more successful,” Adams said. “That’s our goal as a coach, to put them in the best possible position to be successful. I’m always the type of person willing to look at different ways to help our kids improve. I think this is something that gives us an edge.”

Aside from the coaching staff, each player has an account with Hudl, as well, allowing him to send and receive messages via the Hudl program. For players, having the Hudl account also creates the convenience factor of being able to watch game video at home on a personal computer or mobile device.

Another advantage for the players is that they have the ability to tag themselves in game video, creating highlight clips that can be viewed for recruiting purposes by college coaches.

The software's annual cost ranges from $800 to $3,000. It's paid for through money collected by the football program, Adams said.

Hudl offers a number of features, including:

  • Edit video into individual, searchable clips
  • Analyze an entire set of video clips at once
  • Create instructional videos with illustrations, text and voice
  • Create highlight videos for a game or an individual player
  • Create printable reports for statistics and tendencies
  • Send messages, documents and video to team members using Hudl
  • Integrate other programs like Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel
  • Trade game film electronically with other teams using Hudl


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