Mark Zielman
I am generally a cooperative person who enjoys getting along with others. I am considerate of others, friendly in social situations and empathetic in interpersonal ones. I have an optimistic view of human nature. I’m good-natured and easy to get along with. When in conflict, I prefer to use constructive tactics. I have a tendency to believe that most people are honest, decent, and trustworthy, and I find myself surprised when the unkind nature of others becomes evident. I can be more responsive to other's needs than my own, so from time to time I balance others needs with my own. I know myself well, and I maintain a balance between trusting my own ideas and reaching out for new experiences. I like to think that I am steadfast in my own beliefs, but without being close-minded. This gives me a great flare for mixing the innovative with the traditional in my approach to life. I am open to learning about new ways to do things, but at the same time I appreciate conventional ways of thinking. My approach to conflict is logical. I am open to an evening of casual/dress, but at the same time I also enjoy an evening where a pair of jeans is just the right outfit. I try to keep a busy social calendar, because I enjoy spending time with others. I like being around a lot of people. I like going to parties and participating in community events. I am interested in world events and the community. I am enthusiastic and gregarious, as I get energy from being around others. However, this doesn't mean that I’m not willing to do things alone, as I am very comfortable venturing forth with confidence into the unknown. I have a lot of character. My actions follow my conscience, and I am rarely impulsive. When working at a task, I tend to be careful and deliberate. In fact, I work best with a schedule and due dates, and I am hard-working and reliable. At times, I have to watch myself, or I may become a perfectionist. I enjoy being organized, a trait that helps me to reach the goals I set for myself. I like to think that I am dependable. Many times I am aware of how I am feeling and I am able to control my reactions to my emotions. I’m stable, calm, and even tempered. I don't wallow in negative feelings, a trait that allows me to be generally satisfied with relationships and my state in life. In general, I know how to take the ups and downs of life. I consider myself to be a religious person, and my Catholic faith is very important to me. My relationship with Christ and His Church is paramount in my life, as a source of healing and strength for me. I like to reach out to others and share my faith. I sense the Holy Spirit alive in my life, and I consider my faith to be a very important part of my life.
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