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Mike Navin is the sole owner of Lean Body Fitness, LLC based in Wyandotte Michigan. He currently holds the credentials of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the highly respectable and accredited National Strength and Conditioning Association.
He has been helping adults and adolescents get rid of that unwanted fat by teaching group classes for the past 10 years and training clients one-on-one for the past 5 years. The mission of Lean Body Fitness, LLC is not just to get people into “shape.” It is about educating clients on how to live a healthy lifestyle  for the rest of their lives. Teaching clients that they need to take personal responsibility for their health and fitness that then allows the clients to go out and teach by not just telling others what they have learned but by living what they have learned. He has a passion for fighting the current obesity epidemic that is upon us, both in adults and especially in children. The positive message  that we teach our children now about living an active lifestyle through exercise and a healthy lifestyle through sound eating choices will keep them away from health issues in the future. Mike also writes regular articles on health and fitness topics in The News Herald.
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