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I love this city! I grew up in Wyandotte, I live in Wyandotte and I work in Wyandotte. I went to McKinley, Taft, Wilson and Roosevelt. My father, several aunts and uncles and my wife all went to Roosevelt.
Personally, I'm very dedicated to my family and to God. That said, I'm also a proud and patriotic American and I respect everyone's right to believe or not believe as they choose. - I'm an attorney in General Practice with a focus on Bankruptcy, Real Estate and Family Law. My law firm is here: www.fallstichlaw.com I love Rock and Roll and have played bass guitar in various bands since I was a teenager. I also enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction and enjoy writing non-fiction. Life can't all be about work or creative pursuits, however. For that reason you can often find me in front of a TV watching the Wings or Lions. If not there, then at the Joe or Ford Field. I love BBQ. I'm not a master of that culinary art yet, but I'm happy to continue practicing! I'm a news junkie of sorts with very strong opinions about the rights we have as Americans under the Constitution. My ethnic background is German and Anishinabek (Chippewa). I love going up north to the Lake Superior area to be close to my Native roots. Haven't made it to Oktoberfest yet, but it's on my bucket list! I pay close attention to and support causes that advance the sovereignty and rights of Native Americans. I enjoy political debates as long as they are engaged in with mutual respect. I love chess and scrabble too, so hit me up and we can play a few games online!   _______________________________________ *Nothing contained on this webpage or in any blog is intended to be legal advice, nor should it be construed as such. *The jurisdictional limits of practice of this law firm are: All Courts in The State of Michigan and U.S. District and Bankruptcy Courts for the Eastern District of Michigan. *This webpage does not create any attorney-client relationship and does not protect any confidentiality until a written agreement is executed. No advice will be given over facebook messaging, instant messaging, comments or blogs. *No claims of any sort of specialization or certifications are made, intended or implied herein. *This webpage is void where prohibited by law. +We are a debt relief agency under the law. We have proudly helped many Americans file for relief under the bankruptcy code!  
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